Madison Claire Parks and Andrew Polec in The Fantasticks
Richard Shoberg in Perfect Crime
Michael Nostrand, Madison Claire Parks, Andrew Polece, Shavey Brown, and Macintyre Dixon in The Fantasticks
Dale Hensley, Madison Claire Parks, Andrew Polec, and Bill Evans in The Fantasticks
The Fantasticks Logo
Runtime: 2Hrs 5Mins (15min intermission)
Theater: Jerry Orbach Theater

The Fantasticks

Called "the perfect musical" by the Wall Street Journal, The Fantasticks by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt is a funny version of Romeo and Juliet—a boy and a girl live next door to each other and fall in love because their fathers—best friends—pretend to have a feud. They fall in love, break up, see the world, and have a series of adventures led by a handsome bandit and eventually return home to each other. The show is romantic, funny, and completely child appropriate. The score includes "Try To Remember", "They Were You", and "Soon It's Gonna Rain", songs as timeless as the story itself.

Perfect Crime Logo
Runtime: 1hr 55min (15min intermission)
Theater: Anne L. Bernstein Theater

Perfect Crime

The perfect show for Law & Order and CSI fans, Perfect Crime is a funny, romantic thriller about a psychiatrist who seems to have killed her rich husband (until he shows up very much alive); the detective who is trying to solve the supposed murder while falling in love with the primary suspect; and the psychiatrists charming but crazy patient who seems to have killed a few people himself. There are Agatha Christie-like twists and turns in the plot and there’s an "answer key" for audience members to review after the show if they are still trying to figure out what happened and how.

My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis Logo
Runtime: 2hrs (10-minute intermission)
Theater: Anne L. Bernstein Theater

My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis

Anthony Pinnunziato is approaching his 40’s and is faced with the challenges of balancing his now very successful weight loss company with past and present relationships. Fun familiar characters come together to join him on his journey in this laugh out loud interactive fiasco comedy of errors.

Conversations With An Average Joe Logo
Runtime: 2hrs (15-minute intermission)
Theater: Jerry Orbach Theater

Conversations With An Average Joe

Conversations With An Average Joe is a timely, engaging town hall type gathering at a local bar that deals with the political turmoil exhibited in the current presidential election cycle. Based on the real-life stories of average “Joes” and “Janes” the Senator has encountered, it portrays the many entertaining musings, monologues and situations that bring to light the injustices we face as a society at the hands of big corporations and big government. It is a chance for these folks to change a broken political system and becomes the perfect fit for the most exciting and publicized election we have ever had in our lifetime.The play is best described more as a “movement” than a play.
Senator Carraro’s powerful new play cleverly tackles the disenchantment that is prevalent and featured widely by the national media in their coverage of this unique presidential election and provides a perfect forum for this new political change. The play will feature an opportunity for audience engagement. It is the first time a major theatrical production has connected directly with the presidential election process.