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Perfect Crime
Runtime: 1hr 55min (15min intermission)
Theater: Anne L. Bernstein Theater
4th Floor

Perfect Crime

The perfect show for Law & Order, Sherlock, and CSI fans, Perfect Crime is a funny, romantic thriller about a psychiatrist who seems to have killed her rich husband (until he shows up very much alive); the detective who is trying to solve the supposed murder while falling in love with the primary suspect; and the psychiatrist's charming but crazy patient who seems to have killed a few people himself. There are Gone Girl and Agatha Christie-like twists and turns in the plot and there’s an "answer key" for audience members to review after the show if they are still trying to figure out what happened and how.



Permission to Speak with Paul Mecurio
July 16 - Aug 15
Theater: Jerry Orbach Theater
3rd Floor

Permission to Speak with Paul Mecurio

Permission to Speak with Paul Mecurio is a show, starring you, the audience, and Emmy and Peabody Award-winning comedian/actor, Paul Mecurio (from “The Late Show w/Stephen Colbert,” “The Daily Show,” “The Colbert Report,” HBO, and Comedy Central Special). In this unscripted, audience interactive experience, Paul randomly selects certain audience members, improvises with them on stage and through simple conversation draws out amazing, funny and eye-opening stories about people’s lives and what they think without feeling boxed in by contrived political correctness. A breath of fresh air, Permission to Speak takes the audience on a fun, entertaining, revealing, and liberating journey. With true “Oh My God!” moments, this is a show starring the audience that has never been done before. YOU have permission to be part of this unforgettable theater experience.

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