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Perfect Crime
Runtime: 1hr 55min (15min intermission)
Theater: Anne L. Bernstein Theater
4th Floor

Perfect Crime

The perfect show for Law & Order, Sherlock, and CSI fans, Perfect Crime is a funny, romantic thriller about a psychiatrist who seems to have killed her rich husband (until he shows up very much alive); the detective who is trying to solve the supposed murder while falling in love with the primary suspect; and the psychiatrist's charming but crazy patient who seems to have killed a few people himself. There are Gone Girl and Agatha Christie-like twists and turns in the plot and there’s an "answer key" for audience members to review after the show if they are still trying to figure out what happened and how.


Molasses In January
May 2, 2018
Runtime: 90mins (plus intermission)
Theater: Jerry Orbach Theater
3rd Floor

Molasses in January

Molasses in January - Life, love, work and the Tank. It is the Italian North End of Boston 1919, where immigrant families struggle to grab their chance at the American Dream. Molasses offers work, hope, a chance at romance. Never dreaming that a molasses tank, holding two million gallon of molasses would burst changing their life forever. A new fun musical for all ages, based on a real event, the Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919.


Ashley Blaker: Strictly Unorthodox
Opens: May, 27th 2018
Runtime: 80mins (no intermission)
Theater: Jerry Orbach Theater
3rd Floor

Ashley Blaker: Strictly Unorthodox

Sunday, May 27 - Thursday, June 28

Ashley Blaker isn’t your average orthodox Jewish man. He is also an internationally-acclaimed comedian seen in the US, UK, Israel and South Africa and star of his own BBC show Ashley Blaker’s Goyish Guide To Judaism. Whether secular or religious, you don’t want to miss Ashley’s hysterical take on what it means to be Strictly Unorthodox.

‘Has audiences on the floor’ 
Jerusalem Post

‘Hilarious, Seinfeld-like’
Jewish Press

‘Raises the bar in kosher entertainment’
5 Towns Jewish Times



AHRC on Broadway
April 4th, 2018
Time: 10am - 1pm
Theater: Jerry Orbach Theater
3rd Floor

AHRC on Broadway (April 4)

The lights go out on Broadway and the stars from AHRC New York City’s Walter and Evelyn Redfield Center immediately shine. In the heart of the Theater District at The Theater Center's Jerry Orbach Theater, over 15 performers will sing songs recite original poetry, and dance in classic costumes. The hour-long performance is directed by Dale Hensley (The Fantasticks).

To learn more about AHRC New York City visit


The Trauma Brain Project
April 9th, 2018
Time: 7pm - 10pm (6:30pm reception)
Theater: Jerry Orbach Theater
3rd Floor

The Trauma Brain Project (April 9)

#We Too....  The Trauma Brain Project is a unique theatrical narrative that brings together three powerful communities — the Theatre world, the practice of Body-Centered Therapy and the Neurology/Medical fields — in a joint effort to raise awareness, break the silence and give voice to the often voiceless women and girls who are dealing with the hidden effects of trauma.

"The Trauma Brain Project is a catalyst for change..."
(Dr. Marie Collier, Epileptologist)

Cast: Marsha Mason, Jessica Grové and Shannon Lower

Panel discussion to follow.


Noshir Mody Ensemble - Modern Jazz
Date: May 11th, 2018
Time: 8pm - 10pm
Theater: Jerry Orbach Theater
3rd Floor

Noshir Mody Ensemble - Modern Jazz (May 11)

The Noshir Mody Ensemble, a dynamic modern jazz sextet will perform their new album A Burgeoning Consciousness to celebrate its global release on May 11th, 2018.

The Noshir Mody Ensemble features:
Noshir Mody - Guitar
Mike Mullan - Alto / Tenor Saxophone
Benjamin Hankle - Trumpet / Flugelhorn
Campbell Charshee - Piano
John Lenis - Double Bass
Yutaka Ucida - Drums


The Fantasticks (Closed)

The Fantasticks closed on June 4th, 2017 after playing 4,390 performances at the Jerry Orbach Theater.

Called "the perfect musical" by the Wall Street Journal, The Fantasticks by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt is a funny version of Romeo and Juliet—a boy and a girl live next door to each other and fall in love because their fathers—best friends—pretend to have a feud. They fall in love, break up, see the world, and have a series of adventures led by a handsome bandit and eventually return home to each other. The show is romantic, funny, and completely child appropriate. The score includes "Try To Remember", "They Were You", and "Soon It's Gonna Rain", songs as timeless as the story itself.


The Off-Broadway Alliance
Mentorship Program

Do you have a theatrical project but feel you need advice, support or even a push to get it started, developed or produced? The OBA Mentorship program can provide you with a mentor who is an Off-Broadway theater professional - a general manager, theater owner, producer, publicist or marketing expert to help you with guidance, ideas, a sounding board or a plan to get your show in front of an audience. 

Application deadline: March 19th, 2018