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This program is on pause but please read about our last season, Fall 2022, below. If you are looking for guidance to produce your show please see 3C Theater Consulting
Reach out for information at 

The Theater Center is creating an incubator (TCI) for the Off-Broadway community. 


In the business world, an "incubator" is a collaborative program whose purpose is to help new startups that are at a very early stage to grow and succeed. Incubators are designed to help entrepreneurs deal with most of the problems associated with launching a startup. Incubators provide startups with valuable resources such as free space, equipment, mentorship, a collaborative community, and networking opportunities. 

The Theater Center has adapted this model to theater. The Theater Center Incubator will accept submissions of new plays or musicals (only one submission per playwright/creator) at the start of every program term. Each of show will be presented for 4 performances in the Jerry Orbach Theater at 50th and Broadway.

For the $1,000 fee, TCI will provide 20 hours of rehearsal space and four performance slots. The creators of each show will be responsible for all other expenses involved in the presentation of the show.  

The creators of each show will be responsible for all other expenses involved in the presentation of the show. Including but not limited to- costuming, props, light board operation, sound board operation etc. 

The incubator team will also provide pro bono advice and resources to each show's creators so that a basic production of the show can be presented with a minimum of cost and time for each producing team. 

Fall 2022 Shows

Just Beyond Balboa is a simple show about two young people, Elizabeth and Will, quickly falling in love, choosing to elope and quickly dealing with the regrets about what they gave up. Set in 1985/86, the characters' journey into adulthood from innocence to reality mirrors the country's journey at the time from post-war optimism towards a harsher, more ambiguous set of values. 
Just Beyond Balboa had two staged readings on November 14th and 16th. Two additional readings in Spring 2023 will be announced. 
Book by John Keating; Music & Lyrics by Nick Stamatakis. 

Just Beyond Balboa Logo

Toothy's Treasure is an interactive musical comedy about modern day pirates. It follows a misfit crew on the journey to find a hidden fortune left behind by Captain Toothy, a pirate famous for pirating DVDs in the early 2000s and shutting down Blockbuster worldwide. Being the first to Toothy’s Island sounds like an easy task, until the crew’s beloved protagonist is abruptly murdered by navy sailors in the first scene. With no protagonist to hold the crew together, the pirates decide to choose an audience volunteer with “main-character energy” to guide their way to the treasure.
Toothy's Treasure will have matinee and evening performances on Monday, January 23rd and Wednesday, January 25th. 
Book and Lyrics by Brayden Martino; Music by John-William Gambrell.

 Toothy's Treasure  Logo

Call Me From the Grave explores the life and myth of the legendary Blues guitar player, Robert Johnson. In Greenwood, Mississippi, a young sharecropper, Robert, dreams of becoming a Bluesman. Following the death of his girlfriend and their child, Robert is approached by the Devil and exchanges his soul in exchange for the music career he has always wanted. Promising to never return home, Robert must make a difficult choice when he learns his loved ones are in need.
Call Me From the Grave will have matinee and evening performances on Monday, January 30th, and Wednesday, February 1st. 
Book by Harold Hodge Jr.; Music and Lyrics by Charles Romano

Call Me From the Grave  Logo
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