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Anne L Bernstein Theater

Anne L. Bernstein Theater

Perfect Crime Live
bernstein floor plan
Anne L. Bernstein Seat Plan
seats in bernstein theater
Perfect Crime Live
perfect crime live
4th floor lobby
4th floor lobby


Currently showing Perfect Crime. The Bernstein is a 199 seat proscenium theater, fully equipped with lights, projectors, and a built in sound system.

Ideal for conferences.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon



The Theater Center has been home to off-Broadway theatres, acting classes, and artists’ event spaces.

Our current complex, on 50th and Broadway, opened on April 18th, 2005. It is a 20,000-square-foot state of the art entertainment center consisting of two theaters with a total seating capacity of 398, rehearsal studios, contemporary lobbies, WiFi, two bars with cabaret-style seating and two merchandise stands.

The Theater Center is accessible via the elevator at the 50th Street entrance. All of our theaters and studios are wheelchair accessible. 
Both theaters are outfitted with RF Assistive Listening device transmitters. Please let us know at the Box Office or ask a theater representative if you require a receiver or any additional assistance.

The Anne L. Bernstein Theater houses Perfect Crime, the longest-running non-musical play in the history of New York theater.

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