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By taking a class at Russell Acting Studio you will gain confidence in your own ability to perform in front of people, develop a skill set to analyze text, and learn to make strong acting choices on your feet. Join a supportive community of people with diverse backgrounds pursing or exploring a career in the performing arts. 

Act and Sip

You’ve heard of Paint & Sip, now get ready for Act & Sip! Act & Sip classes give everyone an opportunity to get on stage in an Off-Broadway theater and be a star for the night.

Our expert instructors will pair students off with partners and hand over the pages to a scene from a well-known iconic NYC sitcom or movie, offering tips along the way to help performers conquer stage fright and discover their inner actor.

This event is perfect for bachelorette parties, after work outings, or just a fun night with friends to get on stage with a little help from liquid courage.

Come by yourself or with a group of friends – you are guaranteed to have fun – and decide if an actor’s life might be for you.


  • No previous acting experience required.

  • Must be age 21+

  • BYOB

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