Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

We have two entrances, one directly on Broadway (1627 Broadway) and one around the corner on 50th Street (210 West 50th Street). The Broadway entrance is stairs-only while the 50th Street entrance has both stairs and an elevator. The theater is easily accessible from nearly every subway line. The 1 station is practically outside our entrance, the N/Q/R station is on 49th Street and 7th Ave, and the C/E station is down the street on 50th Street and 8th Ave.

What shows are currently playing?

The Theater Center is home to New York's longest running play, Perfect Crime, as well as The Office: A Musical Parody. We also hold a variety of other shows, events including conferences, one-night engagements, readings and more. Our shows are currently postponed due to the outbreak of coronavirus, but we will be back as soon as it is safe to do so.

How do I get tickets?

Tickets are available online or over the phone. Please visit our "What's Playing" page to buy tickets online. To order tickets by phone from our Box Office, please call 212.921.7862 during our business hours (listed on the contact page).

Where do I go for rental information?

Please visit the Rental Space section for full space and contact details.

Facility accessibility?

The Theater Center is accessible via the elevator at the 50th Street entrance. All of our theaters and studios are wheelchair accessible.

Assistive Listening Support?

Yes, both theaters are outfitted with RF Assistive Listening device transmitters. Please let us know at the Box Office or ask a theater representative if you require a receiver or any additional assistance.

Do you offer group rates?

Yes, we offer Group Rates. Please contact our Box Office at 212.921.7862.

Do you offer student rush tickets?

Yes, we offer student rates for Perfect Crime. To secure your rate please stop in at the Box Office the day of the performance and ask about student rush.

Do you have any backstage tours available?

We believe backstage tours provide great insight into the world of Off Broadway theater & an excellent photo opportunity for the kids. Tours are available to any ticket holder, please let us know ahead of time if you are interested in a tour.

What else happens at The Theater Center?

The Theater Center hosts a variety of events including corporate meetings, workshops, classes, training sessions, auditions, rehearsals, and more.

What do you mean by Off Broadway on Broadway?

Broadway and Off Broadway are differentiated primarily by the number of seats in the theater. Broadway theaters must seat at least 500 people, whereas Off Broadway theaters seat less than 500 and more than 99 (100-499). The Theater Center is unique in that it is an Off Broadway theater, physically located on the street of Broadway.